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The Crazy World of Opal Pink

7 October 1978
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"Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and it enlivens the other who turns it upon his fellow man."
~Kahlil Gibran

1920's fashion, 1960's, 1966, 1967, 60's counterculture, 60's freaks, 60's french pop, 70's glam, 70's movies, 70's pop, adventure, alcohol, alienation from society, andy warhol, anthropology, anti-consumerism, anti-war, arabs, ariel pink, arthur brown, arthur lee, asia, backpacking, barbara hulanicki, bell-sleeves, biba, black sabbath, breaking up with lovers, brian eno, california, captain beefheart, carnaby street, central asia, china, cultural relativity, david bowie, david lynch, dropping out, dutch beat, early alice cooper, early pink floyd, ebay, ex-pats, fantasy, feminism, foreign languages, freakbeat, french bulldogs, freudian death drive, garage music, glam rock, go-go boots, going to jail, group 1850, haight ashbury, harold & maude, having the balls to, hippies, hitchhiking to tibet, hong kong, india, individualism, introversion, iranian films, iraq, islam, istanbul, japan, japanese horror films, john waters, johnny thunders, karakorum highway, kevin ayers, lsd-25, mandarin, marc bolan, mary quant, middle east, mini-dresses, mini-skirts, mods, monterey bay aquarium, muslims, nehru collars, normal heights, northwest frontier province, ocean beach, op-art, ossie clark, paisley, pastoral nomads, peace, peggy moffitt, pristine isolation, psych-out, psychedelic art, psychedelic music, punk rock, purple, radley metzger, ready steady go, religious tolerance, rolling stones, roman polanski, roxy music, roy wood, rudi gernreich, russ meyers, san francisco, sean bonniwell, self-employment, shag carpets, shangri-la, sharp-dressed sinister people, social upheaval, steve took, swinging london, syd barrett, the electric prunes, the hollies, the international times, the kinks, the make-up, the misunderstood, the monks, the move, the music machine, the new york dolls, the outsiders, the pretty things, the republic of turkey, the soft machine, the velvet underground, the yardbirds, thrift stores, tibet, travel, tyrannosaurus rex, ufo club, velvet underground, vidal sassoon, vintage clothing, vintage girdles, vintage magazines, working-class, xinjiang, yayoi kusama, young edwardian, ziggy stardust